A Week of New Happenings in Ozurgeti

How about in four days I:

Monday: I officially found out my placement, organization, and host family situation!

Tuesday: All volunteers traveled to Bazaleti (one hour outside of Tbilisi) for the Director’s conference, where each PCV met their new counterpart either in a school or NGO.

Wednesday: Von (education PCV) and I drove to the other side of the country to be introduced my new host families in Ozurgeti. Last night, I met my new host mom, dad, brother (8 years old), and sister (12 years old). My new host mom speaks fluent Russian and used to be a Pediatrician, so I’m hoping she can teach me a few key phrases and words before I bounce around to other parts of Georgia and Eastern Europe!

Thursday: My directors and I toured my new city, Ozurgeti, and the office. I also have plans to meet my fellow volunteers in the Guria region… Big day folks!


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More updates and pictures to come, but in the meantime, here are more resources on Guria/Ozurgeti…


Wikipedia – Ozurgeti

Wikipedia – Guria

Guria News (Only in Georgian but plenty of photos and videos)

Wikitravel – Ozurgeti



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